Posted by: Gordon on 4/1/2015
An education writer from Minneapolis, a youth organizer from St. Louis, teachers, parents, and community and union organizers from 7 Midwest states gathered this week for the first Alliance to Reclaim Our Schools regional conference.

Gamaliel, Center for Popular Democracy, American Federation of Teachers, and other national groups founded the Alliance last year as part of a resurgence of education organizing around the country.
AROS meeting in Chicago March 31
One theme that emerged in work across the Midwest was the need to invest in creating community schools that provide the supports students need.

Another was charter accountability, with participants sharing their experiences of how charters have repeatedly been used to break down the public-education system.

For example, leaders from Wisconsin described a high-stakes testing regime proposed by Gov. Scott Walker that would give every school a letter grade. Attendees said from reports it was unclear what sanctions a charter with three years running of failing grades would face.

The education organizers were also determined to push the envelope in connecting community schools and charter accountability to racial justice, the school-to-prison pipeline, and mass incarceration.

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