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Those who can't make it to Washington, D.C. are supporting the action by signing a petition to officials who can move new regulations 

It’s no secret women and people of color lag in access to good-paying jobs and job training as the economy limps toward recovery.

Based on our experience, there are two critical ways to narrow the wealth and employment gap. First, the federal government must update and enforce minority and women’s hiring goals set by the U.S. Department of Labor, increase opportunities for apprenticeship and enforce HUD low-income hiring regulations. Just as important, the feds must increase transportation and infrastructure investments through the next surface transportation reauthorization.

Leaders from Gamaliel affiliates and members of our campaign arm Transportation Equity Network are going to Washington April 21-23 to advocate for action on new regulations and better enforcement on one hand and action on infrastructure investment on the other.

“There is an economic recovery underway but only the wealthiest have been the beneficiaries,” says David Walls, who co-chairs the TEN/Gamaliel national jobs coalition. “The bottom 60 percent of wage-earners have actually experienced decline. Women continue to earn only 77 cents for every dollar earned by their male counterparts; minorities continue to be unemployed at a rate of 2.1 times the rate of their white counterparts, a rate unchanged for more than 50 years; and poverty remains high at 14.5 percent in 2014.”

The following organizations have committed to send leaders and staff to Washington:

  • Faith Coalition for the Common Good

  • Gamaliel of California

  • Pilsen Neighbors

  • Partnership for Renewal In Southern and Central Maryland

  • South Suburban Action Coalition

  • United Congregations of Metro-East

If you want more information for more information, contact Rev. Cynthia Jarrold, Federal Policy Coordinator, or 913-219-3198

How you can help

Thousands of people have signed our petition to the Obama administration asking for action on regulations to update the number of women and people of color contractors should seek to hire on federally funded infrastructure projects – have you joined them yet? If not,sign the petition now.

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