Posted by: Website Admin on 11/29/2010
Congregations United to Save Humanity held a vigil outside Congressman Paul Ryan's office in a show of support for the DREAM Act.
Posted by: Website Admin on 11/26/2010
Longtime Milwaukeeans Joe and Joyce Ellwanger are recipients of the Frank P. Zeidler community !service award for their lifelong commitment to social causes. Joe is a retired Lutheran pastor and a member of WISDOM.
Posted by: Website Admin on 11/22/2010
Food and family history mingled Sunday as Congregations United to Serve Humanity gathered to give thanks for the diversity that is America. From the generations of Italian and Jewish families who helped build Kenosha to the new immigrants building lives here after coming from Mexico, ethnic diversity, history and our bond as Americans were celebrated during America’s Table.
Posted by: Website Admin on 11/20/2010
MICAH has a new leader who wants to see the organization taking a more active role.
Posted by: Website Admin on 11/14/2010
Gamaliel affiliate PRISCM participates in protests against notorious firearms dealer in District Heights.

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