The Gamaliel Network Marches in Selma to Montgomery Historic Reenactment

Posted by: Website Administrator on 3/2/2012
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Contact: Alma Campos, 312-434-9826.

(March 1, 2012) — The Gamaliel Network, a grassroots network of non-partisan, faith-based organizations in 18 U.S. states, South Africa and the United Kingdom, will participate in a historic reenactment of the 1965 Selma to Montgomery Voting Rights March from March 4 to March 9 in Alabama.  These events will mark the coming together of a broad movement for a renewed call for civil rights in America.  A core part of the agenda will demand the repeal of the Alabama’s vehemently anti-immigrant law, HB56.

The 1965 march was a key moment in the civil rights movement. Unfortunately, the fight for civil rights continues today in a state with a dark history of racial discrimination. How Alabama’s legislature responds, and pending decisions before federal district courts and the Supreme Court on immigration laws like HB56, will hold profound implications for all communities.

“HB56 is not just a Latino issue, or just a labor issue. It is affecting everyone and sets a dangerous precedent for other states,” said Ana Garcia Ashley, Executive Director of the Gamaliel Network. “Not only has it legitimized racial profiling and terrorized persons of color regardless of legal status, it is also harming the state’s economy.  This March is a profound opportunity to stand in solidarity and return to the cradle of the civil rights movement at a time when the civil rights advances of the last century are being rolled back in communities across America.”

According to a recent report, the state stands to lose between 70,000 and 140,000 jobs, and up to $10.8 billion in economic output due to the enactment of HB56.
“Unless business, labor and civil rights and human rights groups, and other communities come together to rein in this growing intolerance, acts of intimidation against foreigners will continue and our economy will suffer,” said Garcia-Ashley.

The march will be held from March 4-9. On March 8, immigration rights will be the focus of the marchers. On March 9, a rally will be held at the steps of the State Capitol.

About Gamaliel Network: The Gamaliel Network is a grassroots network of non-partisan, faith-based organizations in 18 U.S. states, South Africa and the United Kingdom, that organizes to empower ordinary people to effectively participate in the political, environmental, social and economic decisions affecting their lives. The Gamaliel Network’s diverse members apply their faith and values to the pursuit of equal opportunity for all, shared abundance, and stronger, more prosperous communities.  The Gamaliel Network provides leadership training, helps build community organizations, and leads local and national social justice campaigns. Gamaliel is the only national community organizing network that marries broad-based grassroots organizing campaigns with state-of-the-art regional opportunity research and policy development.
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