Webinar will address best practices on local hire

Posted by: Gordon on 10/25/2015

Miss River Bridge pic
Local hire is one of a number of policies that can be used to increase access to jobs and training for people of color, women and others who have been under-represented in infrastructure construction. Photo from MoDOT Mississippi River Bridge Project, on flickr

Experts on geographic hire preference policies, or local hire, will provide a how-to webinar for advocates across the country on Friday, November 13. Details and registration available here.

Jackie Cornejo, Campaign Director, Los Angeles Alliance for a New Economy (LAANE), and representatives from L.A. Metro and the U.S. Department of Transportation will discuss best practices and their experience in implementing local hire provisions on transportation projects.

There’s renewed interest in local-hire since March, when Transportation Secretary Anthony Foxx announced the USDOT was establishing a one year local hire pilot project. The Federal Highway Administration added some additional specifics here

The local hire pilot project provides us with the opportunity to prove what local leaders have always known:  that a good local and targeted hire policy strengthens community control of the local economy and puts low income people, people of color, women, and other disparately impacted groups of people to work on career paths that they have previously been unable to access. More importantly it provides us with the opportunity to carefully select, craft, and implement local hire projects that will set the standard for and inform future U.S. DOT local hire policy.

Gamaliel, The Partnership for Working Families and PolicyLink are work together across to help groups on the ground take advantage of the federally-funded local-hire initiative.

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