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Posted by: Gordon on 10/9/2015

Ntosake Group 2015

Ntosake leadership training 2015 -- women who "carry their own things and walk with lions"

Last week, 50 women came together for the annual Ntosake women’s leadership training. Rev. B. De Neice Welch, a leader at Pennsylvania Interfaith Impact Network, opened with an agitation to women to be wise hunters:

And so this weekend, you will … rediscover your original design and intent. You will not think of yourself as being “less than,” even if you have been treated as such. You will not listen to the voices of our culture or the voices of our past or the voices in our own heads that may tell us we were an afterthought, a second thought, a redesign. 

We are an intentional act of God walking with lions and carrying our own things. We simply need to … apply critical thinking so that we fight a smarter fight with a greater purpose than allowing ourselves to be torn down by the expected victimization of society. You can be a victim if you want to be, but I prefer to walk with lions.  I roar when I want to but I do know that only toothless lions roar. I want to be a wise hunter who surprises it prey and I want to make sure I’m fighting the right enemy.

Two training tracks were dedicated to newer leaders in the network on one hand and advanced leaders on the other hand. Over two days the group discussed civic engagement, self-interest and other organizing topics. Leaders  pledged to provide travel and other support for future Ntosake attendees, raising nearly $4,000 in pledges and donations for future Ntosake cohorts during the event. 

Angela James, director of Gamaliel of Virginia and chair of the state directors table, is coordinating Ntosake while the network continues to seek a permanent Ntosake director. 

Reflection: Louisa Pacheco, former VOICE-Buffalo director and now organizer with New York State United Teachers, offered a reflection on the power of Ntosake, read it here. 

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