Charleston: Tragic Beyond Measure

Posted by: Gordon on 6/18/2015

The massacre of nine individuals in an historic African-American church in Charleston, South Carolina was tragic beyond measure. For a place that has always been known as a sanctuary to turn into a target of domestic terrorism based on hatred and bigotry is sinfully despicable and an act of cowardice.

This country was founded with a racist ideology looming in the background, practiced through slavery in the foreground. Americans can no longer hide behind post-racial rhetoric and must realize that racism is in this country's DNA. Over the centuries it has undergone a series of mutations but has never been fully eradicated.

As a faith-based and faith-rooted organization we aim to take seriously this act and all others like it, as well as acts masquerading in civility but saturated in racial undertones. We commit to use every power we have to move the discourse from rhetoric to truth and from complacency to action as we work to dismantle structural racism.

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