Minimum wage increase on agenda in Kansas City

Posted by: Gordon on 5/28/2015

Rev. Rodney Williams at McDonalds Protest in May

Flanked by other protesters, MORE2 co-chair Rev. Rodney Williams joined SEIU President Mary Kay Henry, and Rev. William Barber on May 20 in leading action at McDonald’s as part of the Fight for 15.

MORE2 co-chair Rev. Rodney Williams joined Rev. William Barber and SEIU President Mary Kay Henry May 20 in leading protest at McDonald’s as part of the Fight for 15. His organization is also helping to lead the fight for a minimum wage at home in Kansas City.

Just days after, the group was part of a coalition pushing a minimum wage increase in Kansas City, MO. The legislation has a fair shot to pass, experts say. Advocates are calling for a graduated increase that starts at $9 and eventually goes to $15.

Ironically, a state legislator lent impetus to the drive by strengthening a law saying the city could not pass municipal increases. Since that law takes effect in August, the city in effect has a deadline to make it happen, so the current city council and mayor, who may not have all been in favor of it, are trying to ram it through before the window of opportunity passes.

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