Action Greater Lansing calls out Michigan AG Schuette on immigration

Posted by: Gordon on 5/3/2015

Maximo Anguiano signs postcard to MI AG Bill Schuette for immigration reform

Maximo Anguiano, chair of the Civil Rights for Immigrants task force of Action of Greater Lansing, was one of many who signed postcards to Michigan AG Bill Schuette April 30 asking him to pull Michigan out of a lawsuit states filed to stop immigration reform. 

Action of Greater Lansing leaders signed postcards and briefed reports on their work to get Michigan Attorney General Bill Schuette to remove Michigan from the anti-immigrant lawsuit filed in Texas two months ago.

The suit temporarily halted President Obama’s Executive Action that would grant a temporary stay for undocumented young immigrants who have passed an extensive back ground check, are attending school and/or are a member of the military.

“We are tired of Attorney General Bill Schuette playing politics with our immigrant families. By signing the lawsuit he has agreed to rip Michigan families apart. We are real families in Michigan that love and care for our state and contribute daily to our economy by paying taxes and raising our children here,” said Maria Starr, president of the Greater Lansing Chapter of Labor Council for Latin American Advancement.

The task force delivered hundreds of postcards signed by residents from across the state urging the attorney general to withdraw from the anti-immigrant lawsuit.

On March 9 a team of immigrant advocates from across the state met with Scott Greenleaf, executive office representative of Bill Schuette, requesting a face-to-face meeting with him and a response to their questions regarding his rationale behind signing the anti-immigrant lawsuit. The lack of response prompted Friday's action.

“The lawsuit has many incorrect facts and we expect better from our attorney general,” said Maximo Anguiano, chair of the Civil Rights for Immigrants (CRI) of Action of Greater Lansing. “The AG allegedly thinks that the executive action is un-constitutional stating in the past that it grants undocumented immigrants citizenship, when clearly it does not! It only grants temporary relief. While games are being played families are being torn apart.”

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