House approves anti-immigrant DHS appropriation bill

Posted by: Gordon on 1/14/2015
Earlier today the U.S. House of Representatives passed H.R. 240, the Homeland Security Appropriations bill with a vote of 236-191.

“As people of faith we're struck by the immorality of today’s House action,” said Ana Garcia-Ashley, executive director of Gamaliel.  “Those of us in the Christian faith tradition feel a particular dissonance having just emerged from the six-week season that celebrates the birth of the infant Jesus, follows the journey of the young immigrant family forced to flee their homeland for the safety of their child, and promotes a new world order of inclusion and hospitality and the end of oppression.”We Are Workers not Criminals image

“Today’s vote is a vote against family.  It is a vote against economic growth.  It is a vote against the American Dream,” said Pablo Tapia, chair of Gamaliel’s civil rights for immigrants campaign“Dream for All.

The Appropriations Bill includes five anti-immigrant amendments that repeal administrative reform. Most would de-fund President Obama's executive action announced in Las Vegas in November, the DACA program for dreamers brought here as children, or both. Here are the roll calls on how legislators voted:

The $40 billion bill moves now to the Senate for consideration where it is unlikely to secure the necessary 60 votes for passage. President Obama has already announced that he will veto the legislation if it is sent to his desk.

Garcia-Ashley and Tapia agree that while they are disappointed with the House vote, they have not lost hope.  “As Rabbi Gamaliel said:  ‘If it is of God, it will come to pass,’” Garcia-Ashley said. “We along with partner organizations and congregations across this country have been called to work for justice for all. We are committed to continuing the work until compassionate and just reform is achieved.”
Gamaliel will host its annual immigration campaign retreat outside of Chicago in early February.  Leaders from across the country are expected for this critical strategy and training event.
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