FCCG Calls for Minorities and Women Workers in Construction Project

Posted by: Amelia on 11/14/2014

Senator Andy Manar speaks at a news conference in Springfield on October 14

The leaders of Faith Coalition for the Common Good have gathered hundreds of signatures in support of increasing federal hiring goals for women and people of color. 

On the 49th anniversary of President Johnson drafting an executive order to outline those goals in October, Faith Coalition leaders also held a news conference at the site of a construction project connected to their city’s planned high-speed railroad. 

Initiatives to encourage economic development and job creation as part of the construction project that have been spearheaded by Faith Coalition have been in the works for nearly five years, when they first began drafting the Community Benefits Agreement. 

Federal labor guidelines only require that 4.5 percent of those hired in projects such as the high-speed railroad implementation be minority workers and only 6.9 percent be women. But FCCG campaign organizer, Irma Wallace, describes these numbers as being “low and unacceptable” due to the fact that Congress has not revisited such guidelines since 1979 under President Carter.  

The numbers haven’t changed, but the face of Springfield has, according to Wallace, and dramatically so, reflecting a more racially diverse city than ever before making these guidelines “shameful to be that low.” 

The event received significant news coverage:

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