Gamaliel decries political calculation: "President blinked, but we will go to the polls with our eyes open, this fall and in years to come"

Posted by: kkelsey on 9/8/2014
Immigration action in Milwaukee, May 1, 2014 - photo by Light Brigading from flickr
We are angry and disappointed by further delay in fixing our broken laws and policies. 

“It’s impossible to ignore the political calculation behind this delay,” Jesusa Rivera, national chair of the Gamaliel Civil Rights for Immigrants campaign said. “On Friday, President Obama and the Senate Democrats blinked. But this fall, and in elections to come, we will go to the polls with our eyes wide open. We will be waiting for the President to move, and fully expect that when he does announce a reform it will cover all of our 11 million still living in the shadows.”

Over the summer more than 1.3 million Latinos and others attended Gamaliel affiliates' family-oriented Fiesta del Sol events in Chicago and San Diego. Worship services at both events highlighted the contributions of Latinos to our culture, our young dreamers, and how much more work we still need to do for not just Latinos but all immigrants. Gamaliel and its affiliates will continue to ensure all immigrants can get the services they need and serve as advocates to officials from city halls to the White House for policies that support and ultimately normalize all our immigrants’ legal status.
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