WELCOME TO LANSING - City Council adopt resolution to welcome children of Central and South America

Posted by: Olivia Schiller on 9/2/2014

LANSING, Over sixty Lansing leaders stood together on August 25th,2014 Where the Lansing City council  unanimously voted and approved to adopt a resolution in where children from Central and South America who are fleeing violence would be welcomed to the City of Lansing and encourages those who want to help with resources to do so.

Community organizations Action of Greater Lansing, Lansing chapter Labor Council for Latin American Advancement (LCLAA), Michigan United (MU) and Mid Michigan Immigration Coalition (MMIC) Joined together to create and organize to bring the resolution and a  five point plan to the Lansing city council that has also been accepted by East Lansing city council and the Ingham county board of commissioners.

The resolution was a response to the anti immigrant protest of the children of central America. Many who here being greeted by mobs of anti immigrant groups carrying assault rifles Natalia Reyes. "I was embarrassed and disappointed at the hate spewing out of fellow Americans. These children don't have weapons. These babies are hungry They have nothing and we wanted to show that there is love and compassion for them here. We had to do something so we began to organize”

Maximo Anguiano, chair of the civil rights for immigrants of Action of Greater Lansing says “ its amazing what we can do  when we work together. We want to thank the Mayor of Lansing, Lansing City Council, East Lansing City Council and the Ingham county Board of commissioners in passing this resolution and being bold leaders for the immigrant families in Lansing and Ingham County. Lansing is setting the example of how our national government should be doing to work towards immigration reform. I am proud to say that I live in a WELCOMING CITY and County. 

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