Leaders to discuss “Better Off Budget” with Congressional Progressive Caucus at ALT

Posted by: Gordon on 6/3/2014
Gallaudet University will host Gamaliel's Advanced Leadership Training, ALT, the week of June 16. Trainees will help organize and present at a meeting with Congressional Progressive Caucus Thursday, June 19.

Sixty-plus leaders and organizers from across the Gamaliel network will travel to Washington, D.C. for a week to practice and learn new skills June 16-20.

Part of the "training" will be hands-on as the week-long session culminates at a joint meeting with the Congressional Progressive Caucus to discuss ways to work together to create an economy that works for all. Increased infrastructure spending, immigration reform and reduced inequality are among the key goals of the Caucus’ “Better Off Budget.”

Gamaliel congregational and community leaders and organizing staff will discuss these shared goals during the meeting and explore with Caucus members ways to work together to create an economy that works for all. A delegation of immigration-reform leaders from Gamaliel's Civil Rights for Immigrants campaign, traveling across the country in a last-minute effort to advocate for immigration reform and an end to deportations this summer, will join the group for the Caucus meeting. 

While part of the training focuses on organizing staples such as campaign planning and non-partisan civic engagement tools and methods, the week will have a strong issue orientation, with presentations from Gamaliel partners including American Federation of Teachers, Annenberg Institute for School Reform, National Employment Law Project, and others. A few spaces are still available, registration is here.
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