Michigan advances transit funding

Posted by: Gordon on 5/29/2014
MOSES Transportation Comm leaders in Lansing
Over the past month, the MOSES Transportation Task Force pivoted to advocacy on a statewide level to ensure funding for public transit. When Michigan House Speaker Bolger proposed a new transportation revenue package that gave less than 1 percent of new revenues to public transit, they knew they had to act to win support for more than roads.

Convening allies from around the state, the group organized to send a strong message that shortchanging transit was unacceptable, rallying in Detroit with the Amalgamated Transit Union and raising their voices in the state Capitol.

As partner Transportation For Michigan put it, "Testimony from Trans4M members and other advocates undoubtedly played, and will continue to play, an important role in shaping the outcome of the proposed transportation funding package."

According to another ally, transit ridership in the state is at its highest level since 1956 while per-person driving in Michigan has dropped almost 7 percent since 2005 according to James Bruckbauer of Michigan Land Use Institute. And every year Michigan voters overwhelmingly show their support for transit investments (see recent story on Ann Arbor transit millage vote).

The Senate version of the bill included a full share of funding for transit as well as roads, dedicating tens of millions in additional funding for Michigan's public transit systems.
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