ISAAC wins new bus service in Kalamazoo

Posted by: Olivia Schiller on 5/7/2014

ISAAC Wins New Bus Service in Kalamazoo
Several weeks ago Kalamazoo rerouted public bus service to include Pavilion Estates, a mobile home park that has about 2,000 residents. It was a milestone for affiliate ISAAC. 
Michele McGowen, a leader of Friends of Transit (a group that ISAAC and the Disability Network of Southwest Michigan organized), is one of many involved with the win.
She and others worked with residents of Pavilion Estates to gather signatures and speak to the Kalamazoo County Transportation Authority and Metro Transit about the need for more reliable, frequent bus service in the community.
Previously an hourly shuttle bus connected Pavilion Estates to the closest bus stop, two miles away, McGowen said. But the community needed more frequent and more reliable service.
For communities to thrive, individuals must have access to adequate transportation so that they can further access the things that provide them with a desirable quality of life, ISAAC organizer Jeremy Orr said.
Support for more public transit is strong in the community, including at election time, when residents routinely support the Kalamazoo transit system, he noted: “When citizens vote overwhelmingly in favor of funding transit, as we did here in Kalamazoo, it sends a message that we are a community that is making it a priority to bring about social, economic, and environmental justice for all of our residents.”
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