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Posted by: Gordon on 4/22/2014
We don't usually do this, but the past couple weeks have seen exciting news coverage of Gamaliel issue work and about our affiliates."news" pic

100 Ready Workers Profiled

Fred Jackson of Faith Coalition for the Common Good told the (Springfield) Illinois Times that FCCG has helped about 275 people obtain training to work as pipefitters, heavy equipment operators and other laborers in anticipation of work on the high-speed rail project set to come through town and other construction work.

Ban the Ban Gains Support in Missouri

"Missouri’s continuation of the lifetime ban on food stamps for people with records of drug felonies is a meat-ax approach to a problem that would be better solved with a scalpel," the St. Louis Post-Dispatch editorialized April 14. Missouri is one of only nine states that still fully enforces such a policy, the Post-Dispatch reported (according to The Sentencing Project). This is a huge victory for affiliate MORE2, which has organized its leadership to visit state capital Jefferson City multiple times in the past several years to advocate on this issue.

They seem busy enough, just not on anything the average Missourian cares about....

Meanwhile, elsewhere in Missouri, St. Louis Magazine profiles Metropolitan Congregations United, interviewing organizer Rev. Susan Sneed (who also leads our Ntosake women's leadership development program nationally) and leader Carolyn Randazzo. She and Sneed talk about the group's work and its role as a voice for faith values in the public square.

San Diego: nonprofits vs potholes

Our own Laura Barrett blogged at rooflines, the Shelterforce blog site, about San Diego Mayor Faulconer's sneaky attempt to move federal Community Development Block Grant, CDBG, funds from supporting local nonprofits that provide services to the community to filling potholes in the city. Justice Overcoming Boundaries is pushing back.
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