Voices from Inside to raise attention for WISDOM 11x15 Campaign

Posted by: Gordon on 2/1/2014
“I can understand earning my freedom, but earning the right to have help with my mental and emotional issues?”
Voices from Inside coverThe question comes from an inmate in the Wisconsin prison system, and is one voice among many raised up in Voices from Inside: Wisconsin Prisoners Speak Out, a new publication from Gamaliel affiliate WISDOM as part of its 11x15 Campaign.
The 11x15 Campaign is WISDOM’s challenge from the faith community to all the people of the State of Wisconsin, to cut the prison population by half to 11,000 by the end of 2015 so that the state can have less wasteful, safer, healthier, and more just communities.
In fact, as Voices from Inside highlights, a third of men and three quarters of women in Wisconsin state correctional facilities were diagnosed with mental health conditions.
A core belief of Gamaliel’s leaders and staff across our network is that while we respect ‘experts’ and authorities, we believe everyone has something to offer, and that our communities are stronger when no voice is excluded from the decision-making process.

Voices from Inside
exemplifies that belief. It collects some 30 pages of stories, poems, and thoughts from inmates alongside reflections from judges, bishops, pastors and others. “Each of them reminds us that prisoners are human beings with hopes, dreams, regrets and questions,” according to WISDOM.
Copies are available from any local WISDOM group or from the WISDOM office — 3195 S. Superior St., #310, Milwaukee, WI 53207. A $5 donation per book is suggested.
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