Civil Rights of Immigrants Leaders Set CIR Strategy at 2014 Retreat

Posted by: Gordon on 2/3/2014
"If Latinos can sway elections to save the seat of the Senate President; if in his state of the union address, the President of the United States makes it a point to mention the importance of immigration reform to the Congress... then my question is: why don’t we have it? ... How can our efforts, struggles, lobbying, and marches be translated into equality, fairness, and justice?"

From these opening reflections by Elisabeth Roman, Managing Editor at the Hispanic Ministry Resource Center of Claretian Publications (download her full address to the group here), to the closing circle that drew together 50-plus national leaders in Gamaliel's Dream for All immigration campaign retreat, organization-building, leadership and continuing the movement for reform led the agenda. Leaders and staff from Illinois, Indiana, Kansas, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, and Wisconsin attended.

The group renewed its commitment to Gamaliel's comprehensive immigration reform principles, heard from high-level strategic thinkers such as Bob Creamer of Democracy Partners and partners from Illinois Coalition of Immigrant and Refugee Rights and Service Employees International Union, and laid out plans for the coming year focusing on voter engagement and continued advocacy.
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