MORE2 & MCU Report Focuses Attention on Missouri School Plans

Posted by: Gordon on 1/31/2014
MORE2 "wants the state to give district leaders here in Kansas City more time," KSHB-41 NBC news reported last night, after the affiliate, along with Missouri Communities United, MCU, release a report and testified before a state board yesterday on the issue of what to do about unaccredited school districts in Missouri. The district should be given another year to get on track, affiliates recommended.

The leading alternative proposal, from an Indiana-based outfit called CEE Trust, suggests dissolving the district, which has been unaccredited for two years. A couple months ago MORE2 filed a Freedom of Information Act request with the Missouri state board of education that raised questions about the process by which CEE Trust obtained a contract from the state to present its proposal. In addition to these questions, leaders from MORE2 and MCU have serious concerns about the validity of the report.

"We would never be against new ideas and solutions but we must question them if the process that led to recommendations is tainted," leader Jan Parks told a state hearing last night. The Kansas City Star headlined its paper with the issue today.

Yesterday the leaders presented an analysis of the competing proposal, while recommending the district, which has been on path to improving on measures such as test scores, be given a year to get back to accredited status. A copy of their response to CEE Trust's proposal is available here and here is a list of other news coverage of the report this morning:

St. Louis Post Dispatch
St. Louis Public Radio
KBIA Public Radio
St. Louis Beacon (copy of MCU report on Scribd)
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