Gamaliel Has ‘High Hopes’ for Secretary of Transportation Nominee

Posted by: Website Administrator on 4/30/2013
Rev. David Bigsby, Board member of Gamaliel, issued the following statement on the nomination of Mayor Anthony Foxx for Secretary of Transportation. 

Mayor Anthony Foxx’s track record on transportation and infrastructure investment should help him as he makes the transition to U.S. Department of Transportation (USDOT).

If appointed, Foxx has a big job ahead of him.  The latest two-year transportation authorization bill called MAP-21, failed to prioritize infrastructure investment in metropolitan areas and instead unfairly boosted states. 

Foxx’s insights, garnered while serving as a Mayor, promise to provide a course correction when MAP-21 expires on September 2014. 

Gamaliel has maintained a positive working relationship with Secretary LaHood and his staff that includes Peter Rogoff, the administrator of the Federal Transit Administration (FTA).  Over the last few years, the FTA has worked hard to make sure that the needs of low income bus riders are equally weighed with the need for economic development.  We hope that Foxx will broaden and deepen Secretary LaHood’s work in order to advance civil rights protections and to increase transit access for low income people.

As our nation ages and more people with disabilities join our population, more and more transit investment is needed. The USDOT Secretary is an important source of guidance for our nation as we struggle to find the balance between business and people.   Foxx’s voice will be an essential one in the Washington, D.C. gridlock.  We wish him the best.

Ensuring low income earners have access to public transportation is part of the mission of Transportation Equity Network or TEN. TEN is a Gamaliel campaign that works with 350 community organizations in 41 states.
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