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Juan Soto was born in Mexico and had lived there until he was five years old. Juan’s family moved to Chicago from Mexico and he has been living there ever since. Juan has been attending the St. Monica Catholic Church for the past five years. Juan has many repsonsibilities in Gamaliel. He is the Director of Gamaliel of Illinois, including overseeing Pilsen Neighborhood Council Council (PNCC) and Gamaliel of Metro Chicago (GMC). Juan also directs Gamaliel's Civil Rights of Immigrants campaign (CRI).
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Salvador was born in Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico and is currently living in a neighborhood within Chicago, Illinois called Pilsen. He is a part of the Saint Maurice Church but also attends mass at Providence of God or Saint Pius. Salvador’s position at Gamaliel is the Board President of Pilsen Neighbors Community Council. He was originally the Chair of Civil Rights for the Immigrants Committee. Currently, Salvador is the Co-convener of Gamaliel of Metro Chicago.
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