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Pat is a life-long resident of Youngstown, Ohio. In addition to his J.D. Law and Master’s in Criminal Justice, Pat is working on his dissertation for a Ph.D. in Public Policy from Kent State University. He was an attorney for 30 years, including Youngstown Municipal Court Judge in criminal justice for 10 years. Pat is a member of the St. Patrick’s Catholic Church and is Executive Director with two new non-profits. One is called the Oak Hill Collaborative and the other is called Home for Good, which was started by Gamaliel affiliate, ACTION of Ohio.
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Denis Detzel is a member of the Gamaliel Board of Directors. works in an organization consulting firm that he founded called Eastlake. He also teaches in universities, usually regarding organization behavior and human resources. Originally from Cincinnati, Ohio Denis attended St. Xavier High School. He has been with Gamaliel since its beginning, as one of its first board members. Denis attends Sheil Catholic Center at Northwestern University.
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