Bringing the Fire of FaithMore than 300 faith leaders from 17 states were in Washington, DC with a message: Jobs Not Cuts! Find press coverage, photos, and video from the prayer vigil inside.

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Gamaliel's Fire of Faith campaign seeks to move 1 million people nationwide into living-wage jobs by 2015. The campaign builds on successes negotiating equitable, cost effective funding of transportation-related legislation. It was launched officially in the fall of 2012, sparked by 30 public meetings held by affiliates across the country, and expected to draw nearly 20,000, including elected officials and political candidates asked to pledge their support.

Gamaliel has assisted grassroots leaders become independent forces for tackling local issues since 1968 and currently encompasses 60 racially diverse, multi-faith community organizations in 17 states. Fire of Faith represents a very important evolution in Gamaliel’s efforts to better utilize its collective resources and affect decisions at the national level.

Gamaliel has also engaged researchers to estimate and track results of network victories. Community Organizing As Job Creator, released September 2012, examines achievements over the last five years at neighborhood, city, county, state and federal levels. Through winning funds, finding revenue sources and changing policy, the network directed $16.6 billion into infrastructure development, education and transit that created and saved over 639,000 jobs.

Notes Gamaliel Executive Director Ana Garcia-Ashley. "We've never been just about marching or protesting 'against.' Being more proactive about collaborating with government officials on policy implementation helps us advance what we're 'for' at a practical level. Major public projects have the money to afford disadvantaged communities their fair share. Fire of Faith provides a model for engaging everyone in the allocation process, thereby improving the living standards for us all."

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